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Model of double wall corrugated pipe production line

Double wall corrugated pipe production line accessories



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Models of double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line  |  Components of double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line


Bridge prestressed and cable protection corrugated pipe extrusion line 


Drainage corrugated pipe extrusion line

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Die head
Short flow channel design of die head (reduced by 25%) achieves low temperature and low pressure extrusion;

Optimized design of Suba double layer die head, inner and outer wall thickness and wall deviation adjustment is very stable and convenient.

Advantages of corrugated pipe machine 

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The optimized cooling cavity wall ensures the maximum cooling cross-sectional area, so that the cooling water has enough contact surface with the moulds, and the cooling efficiency is high.


Electric height adjustment reduces labor cost;

The stacker is equipped with weighing system;

Turn over the pipe automatically.


Double blades cutting process to remove waste pipe, ensure seamless connection of pipe;

The precise trigger device of corrugated pipe cutting machine ensures continuously precision cutting;

Equipped with dual hydraulic system, symmetrical center, smooth operation.


The extruders use buffer forced feeding section, the power consumption of the main drive motors is reduced by about 30%;

The flow channel section of the extruder is optimized to ensure the production of pipe at low temperature and low pressure.


The patented closed loop direct water recycled cooling system, changing moulds no need to disassemble water tubes; 

No platform design of corrugator technology, different specifications of the moulds have same center height;  

Patented towline design of pipe corrugator reduces machine impact and improves service life of pipe corrugator. 

Suba machinery main products: horizontal structure water cooling small size OD40mm – 180mm, ID90mm – 300mm corrugated pipe extrusion line, middle size ID90mm – 600mm and bigger size corrugated pipe production line.

Corrugated pipe has many advantages compared with similar pipes due to its material HDPE/PP and special pipe profile.

Product advantages

High production speed

Pipe is with less weight and machine is with closed loop water cooling system, thus achieves high corrugated pipe production speed;

Joint convenient

Two corrugated pipes can be easily joint by rubber ring;

Material advantage

PE or PP both ok; Virgin and recycled high density polyethylene can be both used depending on different usage;

High ring stiffness

Due to the structure of corrugated pipe, it has a higher ring stiffness than smooth pipes at the same weight;


Widely used

Double wall corrugated pipes are widely used for drainage, sewage, cable prodtection, water collection and etc.

Good pipe scope 

Pipe corrugator machines produce double walled corrugated pipes from OD40mm to ID1600mm for different application.

Easy handling

With less weight, corrugated pipes are much easier for handling, and no need heavy equipment to install which achieves an easy installation;

Less weight

Double wall corrugated pipe saves material compared to HDPE pipes at same diameter and same ring stiffness;

High flexibility

Double layer corrugated pipe has a deflection of up to 30%;

Good water flow

With smooth inside layer, double wall corrugated pipes ensures a good water flow for drainage and sewage;